My name is Nate Doss and I am asking for your support. I want to be your only choice to represent our community as County Commissioner for District 5. I believe in duty. As the fourth generation of men and women in my family to serve in the United States Military and father to the fifth generation, I know my ability to lead is only as effective as my ability to listen and follow. I believe in accountability. I have over 15 years of experience in executive management. Balancing budgets and efficient and responsible stewardship are key to ensuring that we not only succeed but thrive.  I believe in empathy and being a good neighbor. Understanding what is important to and for others is the only way you can truly represent a community of people. 

Before I ask for your vote, please let me share with you the most important parts of my life. My wife, Riki, and I are the proud parents of eleven children, six girls and five boys, ranging from 21 years to 18 months old. Our greatest pride is and always will be with be their children. Whether college students, elite athletes, or burgeoning artists and comedians; we are proud parents that bask in our children’s accomplishments and growth. My family and I live in the Hemphill Community of Brainerd. My wife, who was born and raised in Brainerd had such beautiful childhood memories of her community that we wanted the same experience for our children. We, recognizing how abundantly we have been blessed, endeavor to spend much of our time in our community giving our time and resources to our neighbors. I am passionate about bolstering our families, public schools, economy, and home ownership.

It is my earnest desire to continue my lifetime commitment to service by representing the people of Hamilton County District 5. Family is our foundation, and I believe that to be true of all families that reside in the District 5 community. When we focus on our foundation, we can effectively Revitalize, Reenergize, and Reimagine (3Rs) District 5. My 3R plan consists of ways we can Revitalize opportunities that strengthen our families' infrastructure such as career training, homeownership, access to capital, mental wellness, early childhood education, and financial literacy initiatives. Reenergize our historic community by standing with our school board, city council, and community leaders to ensure that our students, teachers, families, and administrations have a symbiotic connection. Reimagine homeownership in District 5. It has been proven that homeownership directly correlates with safety, job creation, talent retention, generational wealth, and pride. Together we will show families what stability looks like in our homes, classrooms, and businesses. I am excited about our community’s future and look forward to serving you. We can win; but we must do it together.

Mark your calendar!
early voting begins April 13th

Primary voting date: may 3rd
33 Days 13 Hours 06 Minutes 58 Seconds